The Beauties vs. The Beast Tournament began in 2014 as the committee from the Persimmon Ridge Ladies Golf Association was inspired to bring to this region a new tournament for ladies that would benefit young women in need in our community. 

The name "Beauties vs. The Beast" was a fun poke at a challenging golf course, Persimmon Ridge, that we knew the beautiful women in our region would be able to conquer.

After choosing Maryhurst to support as an important local charity that helps retore hope and healing to young women and children, the name developed even greater significance. Young women at Maryhurst have suffered unimaginable challenges and often Maryhurst is the last resort for them to receive help and healing from the "beasts" in their lives. 

Each year our donation to Maryhurst has grown. Because of the wonderful participation of beautiful women golfers, their generous hearts, and the contributions from sponsors in the community, we were excited to donate more than $14,000 to Maryhurst in 2017. Our goal this year is to raise even more awareness and gifts to Maryhurst.

If you would like to make a donation to Maryhurst on behalf of the tournament, please click the donate button below. We ask that you please "Give in Honor" of the BvB Golf Tournament, so we can keep track of the donations raised this year.

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About Maryhurst

Founded in 1843, Maryhurst is the oldest nonprofit in the state of Kentucky serving kids and families facing crisis.

In Kentucky, the state with the second-highest child abuse rate, Maryhurst is saving kid's lives. Their work prevents abuse, restores hope, and empowers survivors.

At the first sign of conflict, Maryhurst's counseling program partners with families to strengthen relationships and protect kids' safety. For girls whose histories of trauma have left them without a safe home, our residential programs provide a place of healing. As soon as kids are ready, our foster care & transitional living services create pathways to permanency, stability, and better futures. Maryhurst believes that strong family relationships are the foundation of healthy growth. Some form of family development—be it strengthening existing bonds or building new ones – is the goal we set with every child in our care.